By Veronica

¡ No pasaran !

Tonight's show, in the more photogenic setting of the amphitheatre, was a play by a local amateur theatre group commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Retirada (the retreat of Republicans from Spain into France in 1939). They chose to focus it on a personal story of a young orphaned girl, with flashforwards to 2011, in a series of short scenes interspersed with songs and narrative. Very well done, much appreciated by the audience. The romantic lead was played by a handsome young Iraqi (a certain number of gasps heard when he appeared for the first time), and afterwards the playwright talked of the 20 nationalities represented in her troupe of 40. A few more photos here. I'm quite pleased with the way the Olympus handled the low light and sharp contrasts -- I'd normally have used the Nikon in this situation.

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