By Veronica

Out and about

Managed to get out again today, thanks to S. We went to the last but one concert of the piano festival: in the early evening: Simone Tavoni on piano and Philip Attard on saxophone, last seen here. Today they played a selection of traditional dances and arrangements of romantic songs. Very pleasant to listen to. We bumped into S and T, just back from Ireland, so caught up on news.

From there we went on to the first of our neighbours' renowned summer "wine tastings" (as much as you can drink). I sat on a convenient wall, S bought some mussels to share, and then a series of people came over to chat and refill my glass with rosé. They included M, who's a retired physiotherapist. He told me my crutches were the wrong length, adjusted them for me, and also gave a demonstration of how to hop properly -- I've been doing it wrong, largely because the crutches were too tall. I successfully hopped as far as the car around 11 pm. It was great to spend so much time outside the house!

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