Abstract Thursday - Sportive - Crack Up

I misread the theme and thought it said Sporting! So I went down to the local sports store and took pics of all sorts of sporty things then I found this old poster of a couple of boxers around the side. It had totally cracked up and only the two heads were visible at the top!

Once I read what sportive actually meant I guess this shot fitted in a lighthearted sort of way! ::o)

1. playful; light-hearted.
"Sir John was in sportive mood"
synonyms: playful, lively, full of fun, fun-loving, high-spirited, spirited, in high spirits, jolly, merry, light-hearted, blithe, gleeful, frisky, exuberant, perky, skittish, sprightly, coltish, jaunty, prankish, frolicking, romping, capering; More
2. relating to, interested in, or good at sport.

Big thanks to Ingeborg for hosting! :o)xxx

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