3 Amigos...Adios

The day has arrived when I must say adios to the three Amigos, and send them on their way to their next location..........with MadChickenWoman in Cornwall.(  https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2596006759873121206 ) They helped to make breakfast of porridge with berries, and toast and tea, and I left them to spend the morning in the garden while I attended my art class....They have been so good this week, even Trigger has been on his best behaviour........I really don't know where his naughty reputation came from, but apart from the odd incident, he has been a joy, they all have. Met up with H this afternoon for our cuppa and catchup....sunnny and warm again, and the Amigos are now travelling :))

Thank you as always for all the responses :)

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