By suehutton

I'm not here, you can't see me

I'd been looking forward to today. A workshop with Michael Lau photo academy on the beach and in the sand dunes at Gibraltar Point on the Lincolnshire coast. I'd gone to bed early last night and risen before 6 am to ensure that I got to Nottingham Forest Park and Ride by 7 am.

Except that I couldn't see anyone there once I arrived. Actually, there was a chap waiting near the entrance and then Michael messaged to say that Spencer should be there in his Qashqai. Michael was still at his studio. His model hadn't arrived. And she didn't arrive.

We abandoned hope of seeing her just after 8 am. Apparently she's a party animal and finds it hard to get moving in the morning.

We went back to the studio and Michael put out a call for a replacement model. No point heading for Skeg at that time of the morning. Keira responded, arriving 10.30 pm, by which time the other model had phoned in. Too late. I really would be very wary of going to another shoot in which she featured.

She had been at a party, not got to bed until whenever, and you can guess the rest.

Anyway, we had a very pleasant time with Keira particularly when we made our way to Wollaton Park in the afternoon, where the deer were grazing.

You can view my selection of photos on Flickr. I haven't yet mastered how to remove a green colour cast on skin in Lightroom.

To top it all, a man came to mow the meadow in which we had stood Keira. I had the most awful attack of hay fever.

The chap in the photo was having a rest in the long grass.

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