A Day at Home

It's our visitors final day here before heading home tomorrow, and they said they'd like to spend it around the home and garden, helping us to cut the grass and garden.
We took them up on their offer but we also went out and about a little. Dela and Jan went for a walk, while John and I took the e-cycles down to the shops. John was impressed by how easy it was to cycle when you've got a motor helping you!
Later in the garden John cut the lawn, I sawed up the remainder of our fallen tree, Jan did lots of gardening and Dela packed and read her book. It was lovely to have another sunny day.
At the end of all that work I tried our new outdoor shower, bought in the UK for £4:50. The sun had warmed the water nicely but the shower jet was "economical" with water. However, it definitely worked and I think I'll develop the idea further.
We finished off the day with a meal of meat stew, cooked slowly overnight, in an oven at 100C. The meat, a mix of goat, lamb, and reindeer, just fell apart and was all very tender.
At the end of this day we left them in the Red House with their nearly-packed bags and weighing scales as they prepare for their budget flight home.

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