Abstract Thursday ......

.... Sportive.  Or in my case .... sporting new glasses. 

Okay ... maybe that's little bit of a stretch!  But I've been looking for an excuse to pose with my new glasses and tell you the whole story!

A little while ago I believe I mentioned that I was getting progressive lenses made but wasn't sure how I would like them.

Turns out I didn't like them at all!  I tried wearing them but just couldn't get used to them. As I do a lot of reading I found that the reading portion of the progressive lenses was simply too small.  I really had to strain to read anything! It wasn't a good situation.  After trying them out for a little bit I decided to take them back to the eye doctor where I had them made.  I thought that the optician said that I could return them if they didn't work out. 

Well .... I was wrong!  But they did agree to change out the lenses to regular bifocals.  I never thought there'd be a day that I would be wearing bifocals!  But here they are!  As soon as I put these on at the doctor's office I could see that they were going to work much better than the progressives.  I don't wear them all the time (especially like now when I'm on the computer)  but they're great for grocery shopping, watching TV, etc.  

The final score:  Progressives 0, Bifocals 1

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