Wild Wednesday ....

Juvenile (fledgling) Blue Jay!

And a first for me!  I can't remember a time that I've actually seen a fledgling Blue Jay before even though there are several nesting pairs in our yard.  So I was so excited to see this one come to my feeding table! Especially when I was in the position to get a photograph! Yay!

I wasted spent the morning at Jacobsburg but was disappointed that I didn't see one singe hummingbird.  But was happy to see the lovely little snake in my collage!  I love these guys and had to stalk him/her a little to get a decent shot. 

I stopped at Plainfield Rail Trail on my way home to get some pictures of the chipmunks.  And I was surprised again by the appearance of some horseback riders.  This time there were three of them.  I just hope that they stop to pick up the horse droppings should it be necessary!

When I got home the Aqua Duck truck was at our neighbor's place filling her pool a little bit.  She had to have the liner replaced and that was being done today.  The water transport truck helps to get things started .... although it looked like it only filled the pool up about a foot.  She has a long way to go before it's filled!  But her grand kids will be happy!

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