Lost and found

Nice to wear less formal clothes again after all the graduations, and when I put my trousers on I was thrilled to find these wireless earphones in the pocket. When I lost my handbag over Christmas I lost a set of these that I had just received as a present from Mt&H so I bought a replacement pair. A couple of months ago I opened the case to find they’d gone, and was mad that I could have lost them again. I was struggling with the idea of buying yet another pair, but also worrying that I didn’t want Mt&H to think I’d lost their present, so was just about to when I found them again. Phew!
Reminded me that I’d lost the heart necklace on the right here a few months ago. It’s one I wear a lot and was also a present, so having searched everywhere I decided to contact the maker and get another made. A few weeks after the replacement arrived I opened an old make up bag and found the original!
I’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on!
After a wet start the day cheered up and there was a lovely evening. Busy day in meetings but ended with a very convivial chat with PG talking about his transition to his new job. What a lovely man.
Home to chat to Mt&H about A’s upcoming birthday, holidays, kitchen choices, biochemistry and potty training!

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