By tondrijfhamer

Cake and exam results

Two surprises today.

The first one was when I came home from work in the afternoon. Bas and Daan had been alone at home for the biggest part of the day, and I expected that they would have filled their day with X-Box-gaming, phone-things and other computerscreen-related stuff.
But is was quite the opposite. I immediately smelled applepie when I came in. They had been baking one all by themselves. They first did the necessary shopping and then baked a cake. Wow! They even cleaned the kitchen as well. That was the biggest bonus, haha.
Annemarie was pleasantly surprised as well when she came home half an hour later.

The second surprise came from Bas. He got a message from a schoolfriend that the results of the Cambridge Assessments exam came in. So soon already? They weren't expected until July 22.

He locked himself up in his room and logged in on his account. It took a while before we heard a loud cheer and Daan congratulating him.
Yes!! He then came bursting in the livingroom telling us he had passed his exams. He got 176 point out of 190, resulting in a grade B.
Well done Bas!! We are so proud of you! You've achieved a lot in the past few months!!! Despite all the troubles and shit you had to go through.

The two surprises nicely came together. We had apple pie to celebrate Bas' graduation. Of course Joke and Peter came by to celebrate it with us.

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