By iaint


I was a bit apprehensive about the Moxy being noisy last night, seeing the booze being hoovered up in the hotel bar and with there being a pub next door. All was well however. I think most of them had helicopters to catch this morning.

My transport was fixed wing - Loganair to Kirkwall, on Orkney. This is my second visit to the islands - the first being 10 years ago. Back then I had my car, but it is almost 7 hours to get here by road - including a short ferry crossing. The plane was better. I will take the bus while I am here.   

One new thing in the last 10 years is the explosion of craft gin distilleries in Scotland, and Kirkwall has one - Kirkjuvagr. I decided to take their visitor tour this afternoon. I am glad I did. I learned a lot, but then I knew almost nothing about gin beforehand. Their gin was very pleasant too. 

Well, my Blip is gin based, like many refreshing drinks. 

In the Extra - the town’s main street.

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