By iaint


Thursday has had more variety than the typical office day.

It started with a routine visit to the dentist. The outcome of the check up was 100% positive, which was a great start to the day. My gums have improved and my teeth are stable for the last 4 years. 

After work I finished my packing and drove to Aberdeen, for a night in an airport hotel. I would like to have gone into the city for a while, but it was close to 20:30 by the time I got to my room and I did not feel like jumping in the car again. 

It is always a bit strange coming here. I lived on the other side of the airport for 3 years during the 70s. One of my cousins lives 2 miles away. 

The hotel is a Moxy. It is one of the Marriott brands. It is my first Moxy experience. The bar is full of men getting as much alcohol down their necks as possible. My room has a dismal view of a dismal “Brewer’s Fayre” type pub on the other side of the car park.

I will let you know. 

To be brutally honest, the room is excellent for the price (£51 plus parking and breakfast - another £51). 

I Blipped my companion. 

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