By ExtraTime

Jam and Jerusalem

A strange name for a rose ... but that's what it says on the label.  I have two, one either side of the back door, and they are good doers, as they say on Gardeners' Question Time.  Scented too.

I think they are named in honour of some anniversary of the WI, who are known for their skills in the culinary and domestic arts, and for singing 'Jerusalem' at their annual conference each year. It reminds me of school concerts, where we always sang it too, with great enthusiasm, though not actually living in England's green and pleasant land.

It was Festival Day here and we went down this morning to cheer on the Callant and the Cavalcade. I can still hear sounds of merriment floating up from the town. Tonight there's a ball and it's Sports Day tomorrow.  That kicks off with the Round the Town Race.  Only those who have attended the ball are eligible, and they fire a cannon to start it - at 6 am!  I won't be watching.

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