Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Eastern Amberwing

The eastern amberwing (Perithemis tenera) is arguably my favorite dragonfly - because it's so tiny and so pretty! I think this one is a female because Wikipedia says the males have amber colored wings - and this one's wings are not strictly speaking all amber colored. If you check the link, you'll see what I mean.

This is a Flower Friday entry because - hello! - it's sitting on a little bunch of tomato plant flowers. In my vegetable garden. I was actually looking for the tomato hornworm that I could see was eating the plant when I suddenly saw this gal sitting atop a bitten off stalk catching gnats. The extra is her with a gnat in her jaws. I swear. You can see it! I watched her chew it up. She was catching flies the way an eastern phoebe (one of the - bird - flycatchers) does - sit on a perch and launch after an insect and then back to the same perch.

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