Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Athletic Shoe?

I happened upon this thing when I was walking up the four flights to the office at Live Arts today. I asked Leo the person who cleans - and also acts in plays - what it was and he said "something to do with an elephant?" But now - having stared at it for a bit - I can plainly see that it's a shoe lying on its side back heel. So, as it could easily be a sneaker/trainer/athletic shoe of some kind, I say it works for the sportive theme! Obviously, there has been a bit of fartnarkling. As to what it's for, I can't really say. It seems like an elaborate construction to be involved in the summer theater camps that are currently underway, so it may be related to the musical "Rent" which is opening on Friday. I guess if that's the case, I'll find out when I see the show in couple of weeks.

See the unfartnarkled thing in the extras.

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