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By Ona


Bailey decided he'd like a trip out to the garden at around midnight last night. As he'd managed to wake me up properly I pottered around for a while tidying up downstairs and then went to direct him back into the house from the second step down. He then managed to settle but I made the mistake of picking my book back up - and finishing it off, turning the light out gone one. I have made up for it this afternoon with an extended afternoon nap. 

I was up fairly early to head to spin and then pump with the bestest friend. I've not been at the former for about three or four weeks but I can't remember the last time I did the latter - sometime in 2018, perhaps. It was new release day which meant for a good new spin and the suggestion of dressing up for pump. We weren't keen. I survived the hour but suspect I will more than know about it in the morning. 

Home to walk Bailey around the big block and do some Saturday jobs and a bit more reading of a new book. Bailey is back out on the second step down this evening and I am contemplating an early night. I'm hoping he'll comply. 

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