Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Mangarstadh Sea Stacks

We had stayed the night near the beach at Uige with the idea of going up the hills to the south as the weather seemed to be set fair. However, in the morning the mist was well down on the hills, so we decided to drive south to see the stacks. We walked out to Àird Feinis from where the blip was taken and then went back to walk on Tràigh Uige. We then spent a leisurely day looking at sculptures and visited the peninsula east of Stornoway where we went to the St Columba’s church before staying for the night south of Stornoway. The collage is some excellent lichen on a headstone at St Columba’s church, another clearance memorial near the church, a sculpture near Mangarstadh and some rather fine stonecrop on Tràigh Uige with a snail.

Yesterday’s blip. 

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