Yum Yum

We went to Arlington Court today, my blip buddy and I, to try once again to get 'the' shot for camera School.  Not very effectively.
However, the gardens were lovely and we found this rather gorgeous spider having an early lunch - look at it's 'larder' of tiny flying things .  
It had a lovely coloured abdomen shining in the sun.  
The first shot shows him munching a bug and in the second one he'd finished - more to come though.
Lovely day out and steps almost got!
Now watching tennis and hopping over to see the cricket score.  Looks as if tennis will last longer than cricket if they continue to fall as they appear to be so doing.

Anyone know what type of spider this is? Pretty please.

I have been advised it is a cucumber,  green orb spider ...so what is it doing on that flower?  or is it cucumber green as in the colour?  It is a mystery,

Tennis enthralling.... and cricket - well...aaaah. Nerve wracking ... and I am just watching.

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