My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Trail madness weekend: part 1

Wrekin Challenge solo

One of if not the hardest race I've done.
It's supposed to be a relay but as the other members of Biochem Geckos from 4 years ago are no longer around I decided to run it solo...WHY?!?

4 years was apparently enough time for me to forget just how tough one 3.8 mile undulating lap was, the biggest hill about half way round being a killer. So this year I decided to do three laps, my legs were shot by the end of the second and both calves started cramping from not far beyond 8 miles. Needless to say I walked most of the last lap.
But I got round, it was agony but I did it, and to big cheers at the end...and I beat some of the 3 person relay teams too!

Lap 1 35:37 Lap 2 40:59 Lap 3 53:05

It was worth it for the medal though...Wrekin Legend!

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