By iaint


Sunday. I had most of the day to play with in Orkney, before a 17:00 flight south. 

After breakfast the weather started to look quite good (by Orkney standards) so I decided to take the bus to Stromness, on the southwest corner of the (Orkney) mainland. 

It is a 30 minute journey, covering 15 miles (24 km). 

Well, just outside Stromness it started to rain. That light drizzle which comes on and off, but can soak you very quickly. 

The end result was a damp 2 hours. The sun did break through briefly - long enough for me to drink a coffee outside. 

On the bus back the rain stopped just outside Stromness, and in Kirkwall it was quite nice. 

My flight back to Aberdeen was delayed by 50 minutes. All in all, I suspect I will not be rushing back to Orkney.  

The Blip is a shot of the shoreline while I was enjoying my cappuccino at the end of a pier. The Extra is a view out towards Hoy (I think - the clouds must be hiding something). 

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