Some folk are a bit disparaging about this hibiscus that grows so abundantly. I like the way it always seems so cheery on my way to the wheelie bins.

First job today was to unload the van and stow the gear away. The guys in the band are always helpful in getting the gear in and out again at the end of the night but the most difficult part, for me anyway, is the job of getting the big heavy stuff in and out of the storeroom where it's kept. It's nicely tucked out of the way but with the different levels there it's a bit of a job hauling it in and out. 

Marian wanted to do some repairs to a bit of our back fence that's been forced apart by the ivy that grows so rampantly around here. It's a solid bit of fencing so needs fairly substantial timber to make it fast.

I've just received the good news that the interim figure for money raised last night is £1800 which will go to Papworth Hospital Charity. The young woman who leads the fundraising had a heart transplant a little while ago and her aim is to raise enough for the bit of equipment that's used to transport the heart and keep it fit for transplant. They cost £30,000 and can only be used once. There's a few more quid yet to come in but that's a really good result.

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