Ashcombe Valley

I did a supermarket shop this morning. Yes, I actually went in there rather than going on line and that's the first time since all this palaver started. It didn't seem too bad, people were mostly keeping their distance an most were wearing masks. I wasn't very sure of the woman who had a mask on ... but under her nose?

I thought I might wash the van while I was there but it seemed to be out of order, so once I got home I got the bucket and brush out and did it myself. I probably made a better job of it too.

The weather's been quite nice today after yesterday's rain but not too warm. I thought I'd go for a ride after lunch. It was blowy but quite pleasant although the light was fairly poor. I rode through Humber to Ideford and up to Ideford Common. From there I carried on down to Ashcombe and gradually worked my way back home. It was about 11miles I think.

My blip is of Ashcombe church looking down from the field above. I've also added a picture we've been sent of our kitten as an extra. We've decided to call him Cato, as in 'Not now, Cato!', Inspector Clouseau's Chinese manservant, who attacks him regularly to keep him sharp.

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