simple moments

By simplemoments

a chance...


with a great blue heron

i couldn’t quite believe it - there we were - in the car - doing a little tour of - the old neighborhood when - my one sil suddenly says - ‘lookit, right there up ahead - along the shoreline is a heron’

of course i perked up - since i love great blues - and it’s been like forever - since i’ve captured one - oh, to do so with family - is very special indeed - my brother slowed the car - since we knew it would take - flight as soon as it heard us - since i only had my phone with me - and i was balancing out a car window - it means the quality isn’t fabulous

but it’s really not about that for me - this time around - it’s about the fact - i was with loved ones - sharing a passionate moment - with them in being able - to take a photo of this magnificent bird - and the fact they knew - just how special and meaningful - it was for me made it - so for them as well - that will always hold great significance - with this shot when i look back at it - and why it makes this day...


happy day.....

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