Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Holiday Reading

After all the holiday shots, I can say that I have reconnected to reading again in a big way! All the travelling and early mornings provided me with excellent reading time! Agatha Christie books are great for travel. I took two (one of them already lent out), so I've included the Agatha Christie autobiography here which I've just started and which I bought in England.
In case you're interested, 'Iris Grace' (in French, which I bought here) is the true story of a little autistic girl whose life turned around when her parents bought her a little kitten. Very enlightening.
'La Grand Muraille' : also in French as it had been lent by my travelling companion, is a book by Swedish author: Henning Mankell. He has a very captivating way of writing, both for his detective stories and other.

I've decided to include more reading time into my life and taking that away from computer and TV time, most definitely! I was thrilled to have read four books during my ten days away!

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