The Key

It's sunny and bright here at the moment - 11am. It probably won't last, that's the pattern currently.  I've got the sliding doors open and Ian is cutting the grass at the front, so that lovely new-mown scent is floating in (mingled with the fumes from the mower, but they will disperse soon enough.)

I completely forgot to take any pictures yesterday!  Not that there was anything exciting going on - the topic of the moment here is why is one of the loos blocked and how to get it fixed. 

TM loves a DIY challenge. He's been under the floor more times than I care to remember, each time emerging in a cloud of dust, and he has to go outside and do a dervish dance to get it off his Dickies. Maybe I'll put that in as an extra.  

He has diagnosed the problem, but isn't having much success with the fixing and he says he's going to send for the plumber. He'd better find a slim and fit one - getting to the broken bit  involves wriggling along the 3 foot space for about 20 feet. I've suggested making a hole in the shower room floor and going in directly, but he's not convinced.   I worry about him getting stuck down there - though I suppose the Fire Brigade would come and extract him?

Mono Monday today, and the challenge is 'High Key, Low Key'.  This is the key to the sliding doors, and it's sort of in the middle. The tassel was bought in the medina in Marrakesh, I bet it's hot there today. 

Thanks to Carolina for another interesting challenge!

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