End of the Year

Quiet night in after turning down an opportunity for socialisation- relaxation is needed. I bought a bottle of fizz a while ago and have been saving it for tonight so I can feel that I am celebrating- whoop whoop!! I need to get out into the great outdoors tomorrow as a matter of urgency for a bit of a walk and fresh air hence I plan to be in bed by midnight.

Last night I woke just before 7am with an incredible migraine brought on by impractical worry which meant I was out of action till about 1pm. Study was then embarked upon with success until I discovered I couldn't find my completed chapter 4....it took me an hour and a half to find the right version and thankfully it is now saved in a new document which is 55,000 words long! This is a good thing (a few moths ago the document was 87,000 words long and this was when most of chapter 5 was missing). My references document is 6,000 words long on top of this. The fizz for tonight doesn't just celebrate the end of the year and the welcoming of the new year but the fact that I feel I have reached a study milestone. I need to lose about 7,000 words and tidy up quite a few bits but the spade work element is complete- well and truly.

I know eye-rollage may commence at this point but here's my effort to share a New Years song with you all.. Wishing all my fellow blippers a peaceful, healthy and happy 2013.

As for my 2013 plans, they are numerous and multiplying rapidly but the main one is to start running again and have a January of healthy things in an attempt to nurture by body as I do appreciate it but maybe don't let it know this enough :-) I also intend to spend much more time on nonewclothes.com once my study is completed!

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