a lifetime burning

By Sheol

High Quay-side

Mono Monday: High Quay Side

A little bit of a cheat - but I though that today's Extinction Rebellion occupation of Bristol Bridge here in Bristol deserved a mention.  I had thought that their disruption of Bristol's chaotic road system would cause me problems with my commute, but if anything the opposite proved true.  

The whole event is (currently at least) pretty good natured - peaceful and non-violent.  One or two of my colleagues have been a bit grumpy about it, but even they accept (although perhaps a little reluctantly in one or two cases) that its hard to argue against the climate change message even if you think that the tactics might be wrong.  

You might think that sticking a pink boat on a bridge with a solar powered disco is a fairly futile approach to saving the planet, and I might agree with you, but I think then we would both be wrong - for this approach is at least helping to keep us talking about the issue.  

Perhaps now is the time to let that freak flag fly after all.

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