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By Sallymair

Strawberries ripe!

Today K and E came round and we went off to Craigie Farm berry picking. The strawberries were abundant and so lush as well as absolutely enormous. We picked 3.5kg in about 20 minutes.
Next it was time for some blackcurrants, we'd been warned we would have to hunt for them - not a bit of it, the bushes were laden and the berries were so big, the recent rain has obviously done them good. I picked up a kg of ready picked cherries too and I think they were the best of the lot, not cheap but big and juicy and full of flavour, so different to those which have been picked early and ripen of the tree. I already had one batch of strawberry jam made and a kilo of blackcurrants strained ready to be boiled up. Tomorrow's job will be finishing off that batch and dealing with today's harvest.
Took my car down to Restalrig to the garage for its MOT this afternoon. I later walked back along the cycle track from Craigleith enjoying the wild raspberries on the way.
13230 steps today, week's target met

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