Yesterday Zoe gave me the bracelet she made for me; an Ace pride one! She's been making a lot of cute jewellery of late.

Well, I'm pooped today! We didn't head to bead until around 3 this morning (oof), though I've managed to get away with no hangover yet again, despite ploughing through a fairly hefty chunk of amaretto (surprisingly nice mixed with grape Fanta). Rich, Phil & Kie have gone out to watch the cricket World Cup final and, because I couldn't give less of a hoot about cricket if I tried, I'm still at home in my jammies having a rather good day. There was a fair bit of housework to do, and I had to record some VO for work, but once that was done it was Chinese takeaway and movie time! I watched both I Am Mother (a very solid concept but the film is so focussed on revealing twisty bits that it doesn't do enough to make you care about the characters) and Wine Country (a very enjoyable film but was a bit less funny than expected considering all the SNL stars in the cast). Overall, a pretty nice day!

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