By suehutton

Running Around

My birthday, but also a William day. I'd promised myself a gin at the Coach during Mummy Meet, only to find that it wasn't happening as Ant was away.  Nonetheless, three Mums who had probably come to 
Mummy Meet in the past but not anymore because they all work, had come to enjoy the garden and then have lunch. They invited us to sit with them.

William hates having to meet new people, so grizzled, then came and stood very close to me. By the time the Mummies went inside for lunch he felt more at ease and started running around on the patio.

A normal Monday afternoon of putting a train track together, rather like a jigsaw and ignoring Grandad who insisted there were right and wrong ways of doing things. He enjoyed eating eggy bread.

Back with his Mum and Dad, he relaxed and I was able to open my three prezzies. A box of double choc gluten free biscuits which I left there to have with tea in the future, a camera clock for the lounge because George and Kat are always frustrated that my mantelpiece clock never tells the time. It's mechanical and Len and I are always forgetting to wind it up. The new clock has found a home on the upright bookcase.

And finally, but not least, a t-shirt from William for William when he's a bit older. I LOVED the text, which you can read on the extra photo.

Still not feeling wonderful after asthma attack. Takeaway Indian for dinner.

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