By Kipsie

Stipa gigantea

doing what it does best ............ moving effortlessly in the breeze. It looks so pretty en masse, I might consider it to create a screen in front of my greenhouse back home, there again the sparrows seem to love it, & I already have a problem with them using my garden for dust bathing, scratching the soil away from my precious plants, so maybe not. Tiz pretty though, with the sunlight making it glisten at this time of year and in winter with  a frost the seed heads sparkle. Pretty good value for a garden plant.

Today has gone exceedingly good  well as Mr Kipling might say. My early caffeine fix & read went without interruption probably due to Jorgie crashing out on the bed, not mine I hasten to add, & Cassie asleep on the floor beside my bed ... A cunning plan which I must remember for future sittings :) Birds fed, watered etc, dogs exercised. I was nipping over to see Jos regarding the TT sale. She's decorating the complete interior of her house herself & fair play to her making a damn good job of it so thought rather than her down tools I'd go to her. She makes a good coffee. She's also familiar with the working of her machine lol!! Just thought I would ring Rowcroft to check they had sent the collection bucket, tee shirts, balloons etc to a RH shop in B.T. "They should already be on their way via the distribution centre but I will just make sure and call you back" ..... "Hi Lauren!" "Right, ok, so I'm going to Marldon & will swing by and pick it all up from Torquay later". Good job I rang.
Had a lovely coffee & chat with Jos, she's on a Slimming World diet, I think. She's allowed 24 points per day. We normally bring a little something to accompany the coffee but as she is trying to stick to the diet I  did'nt take anything. She had rustled up an Oat bake .. which apparently is'nt many points, so I had a slice of that. Did'nt hit the spot quite like a Danish pastry would have, but very thoughtful of her to stop and bake when she is decorating. We discussed the raffle etc, which she is going to run, & I came away with 2 lovely raffle prizes, 2 modern standard lamps, a 4' tall rattan cd stack?, & a bag of alluminium holders that I think will look great on the outside wall with succulents growing in them. Well that's the idea. Oh, plus a tin of all surface paint. I'm giving the patio table a makeover. Nipped down to Rowcroft Hospice, picked up the bag left in reception for me and headed back via Chudleigh. I'd primed (no pun intended) hubby up to paint the table top, so he had rung to remind me to drop it off on the way back. It's better I don't see him painting coz I'm sure it won't be the most  logical way of doing it. I'll no doubt be very pleasantly surprised when I get home later this evening.
Fish finger sarnie for lunch followed by an attempt at The Telegraph General Knowledge crossword. I always manage about a 1/3 of the answers, some I Google, You're never to old to learn, possibly too old to remember, but it fills a few more blank squares.
Posting early today as I have to cook dinner when I get back, & not sure exactly what time that will be.

Thanks to osuzanna for hosting Tiny Tuesday

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