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I went out on my own and didn't even know where I was going, so it was a mystery to me until I ended up in Orton.  I forgot to take a book to read whilst in a cafe so I popped into the little village store and bought a coupe of magazines (always good to support local businesses anyway).  Met a couple of locals who were very friendly and said hello.

This time I succumbed and had a Light Mocha in the cafe at Kennedy's Fine Chocolates, with some plum bread with cheese - if you order hot drinks in there you also get to lovely pieces of their chocolate instead of a biscuit, one white one dark - delicious.

Kennedy's Fine Chocolates

I then walked around the village, went into their lovely little church, All Saints and took several photos around the village.

I then, at the last minute, decided to take the B6261 road from Orton to Shap.  I didn't know before that it is this road that goes right up through the middle of the separated M6 motorway.  For those that don't know, due to mountain being in the way, the M6 splits so you get 3 lanes goes North on the Left and 3 lanes on the right going South.  It's rather glorious and wild up there.  

Got to Shap but the weather was turning so thought I'd just drive up to Penrith and get the motorway back home (I wanted to take the long way because I was listening to a wonderful audio book whilst driving around).  Anyway at the very last minute I decided to turn left and headed to Pooley Bridge on Ullswater and drove along the length of the lake.  Stopped at Glencoyne Bay car park to take some photos, it was dark and moody but this meant lovely moody skies.

I then stopped at the Inn on the Lake Hotel in their Orangery for lunch.  As I was driving past the car park at Cow Bridge for Brothers Water I noticed a couple of empty car parking spaces - this is rare in the summer as you can never usually get in their after 9 in the morning.  I therefore grabbed the opportunity and went for walk along the lake shore and took several photos - the blip is one of them.  

Brothers Water
Ullswater was busy but not crowded and Brothers water I just saw two  couples and one man with two dogs enjoying retrieving sticks from the lake but were a bit wary as it is quite deep even close to the shore.

All in all a lovely day and I listened to a good half of one of my audio books that I got for my birthday.   I loved driving around whilst listening to audio books - they get re-wound several times but I still enjoy it.

These are also my entries for Wild Wednesday, because the weather was pretty wild which I think shows in the photo.  Many thanks to Cailleach for hosting.  It is also my entry for Wide Wednesday as it was taken with a wide angle lens.  The theme for this was treasure - well to me, Brothers Water is a treasure of place!!!.  Thanks to Bobsblips for hosting.

The extras are of 1. Over a footbridge in Orton, 2. Kennedys Fine Chocolates cafe, 3. Ullswater

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