It Takes Two

By laurie54

Metal Music

Gosh, thanks to everyone for your generosity over the last several days: sharing so many comments, stars and hearts!  I'll try to reciprocate when I am able.  xx

Overcast and sticky after a wild overnight thunderstorm, I kept my walk short this morning.  In fact, I went as far as across the street.  My neighbors have four Mariachi musicians in their front yard.  This guy is the fiddle player, which I think looks awesome LARGE.  Not shown are the trumpeter, drummer and guitarist. 

One evening last week while eating dinner, mom said, "There's a man on the ground."  I jumped to the window asking her where she saw him. She pointed to the Mariachi guitar player.  It had tipped over.

I put the original photo as an extra.  I had to get up super early. Mom's still sleeping which meant I had some time to mess around with the photo.  I used an adjusted graphic novel filter for the blip.

Physical therapy today,  then a trip to the other side of Tucson for a 4 pm appointment with the ortho for my shoulder.  I can't believe I'll be driving into the city at rush hour and home during rush hour, especially with it almost sure to rain.  Love the rain.  Hate driving on the freeway in the rain.
While working the lunch shift at a local restaurant, I watched as an elderly couple ate. It seemed as if the man was the only one eating. First his appetizer, then his main, and then finally his dessert. All the while with his wife just looking on, not even touching her food. Confused, I approached the woman and asked if there was anything I could get for her. “No thank you,” came her answer, “it’s his turn for the teeth.”

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