Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Meet Jacques

jacques - a survivor
motorcycle accident
leg - not life - shortened

I already said how a time like this makes you appreciate life's wonders (it is my default mode anyway, but it is deepened here); the people around you can also have that effect.

Jacques was in a freak motorcycle accident a few years ago: a car coming towards him turned to its left (British friends, remember we drive on the right in France) and saw him at the very last second. The result was that the shock wasn't frontal, but his lower leg "disintegrated" by scraping along the length of the car.

He was amputated below the knee at first, but the prosthetic leg didn't work very well. After a few months' reflection he agreed to be amputated again, this time above the knee. He's waiting to have his new prosthetic knee and leg fitted - then he'll have to learn how to walk with it.

I count myself lucky. I'm grateful that I had my op and that it was mostly successful. And that I can learn how  to use my own leg again.

Julie came to visit! She and her dad arrived a bit late so we didn't have too long together but it was soooo good to see her again after this two-week separation! :-) You'll see the two of us beaming in extras.

Other extra: the building. My room is in this wing, second floor, down the middle... but on the other side! :-D

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