Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I finally got out to do something about the rest of the patio. Now my large greenhouse in unpacked, moved and somewhat repacked. It was more work than I anticipated and my ankle isn't happy about it at all. But, when you're working and thinking 'just a little more' and 'I'll just do this too...' and time moves, things get done... In hindsight it was a bad idea for the ankle, but for me it was superb to finally getting this sorted. 
Thanks to fellow blipper valentina64, I got the idea to use the rest of the wood I got from the carpentry to make a plat support for my cucumber plants. I think they'll like it, they've been rather sad lately since they lost the mosquito net to climb on. 
I also moved my small tomatoes outside and the tagetes I bought from the greenhouse last Tuesday. I don't want to make the same mistake and keep them inside. And I tried an idea for an insects bath that didn't go as I thought, so back to the old one. The thing I have left now is to empty some pots, trow away garbage and replant tomato plants and tagetes. But, that can wait a little. 

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