Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

A mystery

I have blipped this fountain before in Civic park.  Last night when I was coming back from dinner I noticed that there was now a red light in the fountain.  I did a double take at first thinking I was seeing things so I went back tonight to check and sure enough, there is a red light there now.  The blue light mysteriously appeared last year and now the red light.  I wonder if it was a sort of salute to Bastille day but surely not.  I don't think we have any great French connections with Newie.  They are also the colours of the Australian flag (and Kiwi flag and come to think of it US and British flags and many more I am not now listing). Now I have a mystery to solve.

Thanks so much for the love on the moon yesterday and as it is late now I will have to try and catch up tomorrow.

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