By tondrijfhamer

Flying in Oentsjerk

This morning Daan had the plaster removed from is arm in the hospital in Scheemda. His wrist is ok now! He has to careful for the next couple of weeks but that's no problem.
I planned on blipping a photo of him and his free arm, but.. plans changed.

In the afternoon I had an unexpected appointment at my dentist again. It's my third time there in a short period of time. A few days ago I felt a filling had come loose and I feared it would fall out during my holiday in France next week. I didn't like that perspective at all, so I tried to make a short-term-appointment at my dentist. Lucky me, the assistant could fit me in this afternoon already. 10 minutes in the chair and the broken filling was replaced by a new one. Job done.

Later in the afternoon Richard called me and asked if I could join him on a trip to Leeuwarden. He'd seen an advert of a photocamera (Dutch: On Marktplaats) he was interested in and made a deal with the seller. Of course I would go with him, under the restriction that we both would take our drones with us and fly a bit on our way back. Richard agreed to that enthusiastically.

We arrived in Leeuwarden around 20.00 hours and left around 20.45 hours, without a new camera. A bit of a dissapointment for Richard, but the deal turned out to be too good to be true. So, no deal. (My opinion about 'Marktplaats' was confirmed once more.)

We drove back and stopped in a small village called Oentsjerk (never been there before, or heard of it either). We found a quiet little parkingplace near the local church where we got our drones up had great fun flying them for an hour or so. We both flew 2 batteries empty.

I focussed on filming with my drone. Currently I am learning in an online course ( all kind of stuff about filming techniques. I've watched a lot of tutorials and this evening I wanted to practise. Well, that turned out be a real challenge.
What looks so simple on a screen isn't that easy while flying. Although I think I managed to make some nice footage, the main conclusion is that I need lots and lots of practise.

In between filming I shot this photo of the church and decided to use that as todays blip instead of the photo of Daan. Sorry Daan, but I'm sure you don't mind...

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