By tondrijfhamer

Closing the office.

I went to work around 09.30 this morning to finish 2 taxforms for clients and to clean my office. Of course an unexpected job came in by mail as well and I fixed that too.
Then around 13.00 I finally closed my office, not to return somewhere mid August. Wow! That feels so great.
Next appointment: Volvo Bouwsema, for the summer check. I was welcomed there with a nice coffee and a chat and 30 minutes later the check of my car was finished. All weel, except for 2 tires. They had to be changed. Unfortunately the tires weren't in stock to I have to come back tomorrow to get that fixed. No problem at all.
The afternoon passed by doing a few chores at home and cleaning up the garden. Some phonecalls and mails from clients were dealt with as well.
With Bas and Daan sleeping over at my in-laws, Annemarie and I went to the local pizzeria Le Palme and had a quiet evening after that.

No photo taken at all today, so another drone shot from yesterday of the Frisian rural countryside has to do as todays blip.

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