By Northnexposure

Ninguna Persona es Ilegal

Today the international caravan campaigning for the human rights of migrants arrived in Jerez to an exuberant welcome. Jerez is a town of 220,000 but has hostel places for only 43. Verguenza (shame) cried the Marchers outside the Town Hall. The fantastic generosity of spirit of the protesters iin marked contrast to the vile racism now infecting Europe and America fuelled by cynical politicians like the racist Trump and his pathetic acolyte Johnson At the same time one man who has fought against racism all his life is traduced by his political enemies and the billionaire owners of the mainstream media and their craven counterparts inthr BBC and Guardian, all of whom fear a Corbyn and its threat to their wealth and privilege. That not bogus claims if anti semitism is what's really happening and blindingly obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

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