Desperately seeking

By clickychick


"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" said Patrick Swayze. But somebody had done so, when revamping the showroom at The Wood Workshop

Years ago, I used to make jewellery and The Mate made traditional furniture. We went out to events with these things and eventually got our own marquee. He used to let me put this little cabinet on my side of the display because it looked so nice with my amber jewellery cascading down the drawer fronts.

After we turned completely to photography sales, this rippled sycamore and ? thuja (I may be wrong, I should know but I'll check on that) cabinet 
stood on a shelf in the showroom.

Now a couple of young folk use space at TWW for their own cabinet-making businesses and this morning Jay asked The Mate what was to be done with this piece. Immediately The Mate said "I'm giving it to Sue, she's always loved it!" and he got it out of the corner and handed it to me.

BTW, it's always been called Baby because it was so small compared to the desks and chests of drawers The Mate used to make! It's just 11.5" tall.

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