Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Juvenile Robin

While I was at the lodge cleaning I saw this little fellow. I didn't expect it to wait while I went to the car for the camera and changed lenses, but it did.

An easy choice as we haven't yet seen any young robins in our own garden.

A good day for trying out "Normal". The Mate is in our family bubble so that he and I can soon start working together and things will also be ok for our September holiday. With this established we invited him for tea tonight and to sleep here as he does on these occasions.

Nice for him to get out of his house before shielding ends, and nice for us to be entertaining again! I actually invented a new meal to offer him! I nearly made a new pudding to but never got it completed.

We spent the evening watching a fascinating programme, after F1 Qualifying, about Morgan cars being hand-made!

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