Kicking it all off again

A backblip due to going to watch Wigan play at home against Wakefield . We made the long journey over there yesterday afternoon for a 7.45 kickoff and finally got home at just after 12.30 this morning .
Quite a steady drive over with a few slow holdups but not to bad. It was well worth going over to watch them play live.  This shot is of Zak Hardaker kicking off the 2nd half. after a very convincing 1st half as we went in 34 - 0 at half time . We took our foot off the accelerator a bit in the 2nd half and let them back into the game. We still managed to win the game with a 46 - 16 victory.  
So all in all a very good day and match  the only sown side was the atmosphere was a little flat and a poor attendance but that is down to it been a Thursday night match and peoples work commitments  that is why we  don't normally get to many games. Mind you we have managed 3 home and 3 away this season so far fingers crossed we might get to a couple more so long as Sky don't rearrange from weekend fixtures .

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