By DonnaWanna

Flower Friday - Yellow Cloud

Heavy rain hit us just as we left for the walk, i forgot to look at the radar and it hadn’t seemed so close. So we ran back in the rain laughing, well I was -Toto wasnt! :o)

It stopped about 10 minutes later so we rushed out again and Toto managed a couple of P-Mail’s and I nabbed one of the snakevine flowers and then the rain came again so we ran back in again lol!

I had a play around with the macro and although the light wasnt good I liked this shot with the droplets still clinging on in the yellow cloud.

In other news, the sore throat has gone, the salt gargle must have won that battle ;o). But, the tap has gone off in the nose and now its blocked ugh I dont know which is worse!!

We’ve had an extremely busy day and I am extremely tired because the nose kept me awake a lot of the night so i’m off to bed and hope to wake up with it all gone away for the weekend!!! :o). Catch up over the weekend with you all xxxxx

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