By flavia13


Very many thanks for all the very kind stars and hearts from yesterday's blip, you are all so kind and I am extremely grateful and delighted.   I will get round to checking all yours out again, once I've sorted something out with the computers.

The cheer marigold is because I need it.  My laptop has packed up YET AGAIN!!!!!!!  So frustrating.  I hadn't even had chance to combine the photos from Hubby's laptop back to mine yet and it goes on me again today.  Of course CNL don't work weekends so Hubby is taking it up there for me on Monday!!!! We've now been told it's "possibly" something to do with the "intel" chip!!!!!

I had been looking at going over to Carnforth tomorrow as the Flying Scotsman is visiting, briefly, pulling the Northern Bell Pullman Car (almost as good as The Orient Express).  I know it will be busy but I thought I might go along or even find somewhere else to go on its route, but I've lost the enthusiasm now because IF I get any semi decent photos it's going to be a pain to process them!!??  Ah well I'll sleep on it (I hope).

Anyway a wet morning and I've felt really sort of not right today, not ill just not right.  Just one of those days I guess.  After the rain stopped I zipped into the garden to take some floral photos for Flower Friday, then when I went to process the laptop wouldn't even switch on *sigh*. 

So back to Hubby's extremely slow steam driven one again (at least it works).

Anyway my slight drippy marigold is my entry for Flower Friday.  Thanks to Bikerbear for hosting (if it's still you!!).

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