Lost anything Down Under ?

There are seemingly a few lost limbs lurking around in the Cook Islands.

No, sadly, haven’t been there. ‘howesruth’ blipped a stunning panorama, tagged Rarotonga, taken from a glass bottom boat.

Being an inquisitive soul, I searched the location on Google Maps. And clicking through the Google images, I was aghast when these 3 came up. Hopefully Ruth comes back intact!

So I had to take a screen print. I’ll do the same on Facebook in the hope friends can share far and wide so these spare parts can be reunited wiith their owners. NB I think there were a few lost fingers too.

(Well this is a photo of a photo, and being Silly Saturday, what the heck! The original in on Google Maps > Punanga Nui Market > Look for the 360 degree views created by a certain Mitchell Rogers. It’s the first one with the green top tables).

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