Sun Sea Sand

A 10/10 day. Sunny, comfortably warm, my sort of day. Should have got out earlier, but had stuff to do. Then time to shower, have a salad, and drive to see K&J in the garden.

As we were leaving them, a friend texted and sent pics of the West Cliff on fire. So we headed down to Alum Chine to
check it out for ourselves

By then the fire was out, a giant water spray was still trained on the cliff. Expect a fire engine will remain overnight just in case.

The fire started in a beach hut, eventually spreadIng to 2 others, then the cliff face above Reports caused bysomeone cooking on a gas stove.

Not the first cliff blaze. There was a large one last year, too close to us for comfort.

With thanks to 60plus for today’s Mono Monday challenge, ‘Relaxed/Relaxing’. Until the cliff blaze, everyone in the beach looked relaxed, relaxing in the sun

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