My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Backblipped 20th July

Up early to head to Jardín de Cactus before it got too hot. What an amazing place - who knew there could be so many varieties - quite fascinating! And really interesting to start to find out a wee bit more about Céser Manrique and the enormous influence he had on the island.

Then up to Arrieta, having a brief stop to see the Casa Azul, then onwards further up the coast to Jameos del Agua. Was good to see however not nearly as good value as the cacti and quite a few more people! The tiny white crabs were quite cool though and did like the sail at the top of the cave providing shade for the restaurant!

Delicious fish lunch at Órzela then up to Mirador del Rio with the amazing views over to Isla Graciosa. Though the wind up there was evener madder than elsewhere!

Took the "long" road home and had fun with all the twists and turns going up to Mirador de Haria - was quite glad we were in the eeny weeny car we were to get round all the sharp bends!

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