My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Backblipped 20th July

La Caldera del Cuervo - the first volcano from the Timanfaya 1730-1736 eruptions!

Fascinating trip with Martine from Eco-Insider - we got all sorts of interesting facts, history, stories and islander inside info from her throughout the day - was quite brilliant.

We walked right into the crater here - you can see the entrance on the right hand side where the edges fall down slightly (and with the edge that fell away off to the right hand side) - and were very grateful we had trainers on with all lapilli around (we were completely filthy by the end of the day!) and me for my cardy as the wind made it more than a bit chilly!

Also visited the last volcano from the eruptions, Montaña Colorada with the largest volcanic bomb - though it's still a mystery as to which volcano it actually came from as apparently Montaña Colorada is no where near big enough for it to have come from!

Then onto the bodega at El Grifo - the oldest one on the Lanzarote - for a wee tour and of course the obligatory tastings! Fascinating to see how they grow vines here - and Martine proved to be a fount of knowledge on this aspect of the island too!!!

Back to the apartment (to attempt to clean the dirt off us!) and then into town for the evening market in the square. Buzzing atmosphere and delicious dinner doing some great people watching!

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