By BernardYoung

Lost In Space

I’m amazed at all the junk
that’s hurtling around up there:

a glove
(lost by astronaut Ed White)

a camera
(lost by Michael Collins near Gemini 10)

a thermal blanket,
garbage bags,
a wrench, a toothbrush

another camera!

a pair of pliers,
a tool bag

and, as well as all the dead spacecraft,
the worn out satellites,
apparently there’s a spatula

a tank of ammonia

loose screws

and specks of dust
and flecks of paint
that travel so fast
they’re like tiny bullets.


Clearly, a Lost Property Office is a must
- though I don’t suppose anyone
will be too keen to reclaim the paint
or the dust?

On this 50 Years Anniversary of the Moon Landing
below are a few more moon-related blips/poems:

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