By LincolnWarrior

That Sinking feeling

Today I had a few things on 1st up I picked my Mum up and met up with some of my cousins and my Uncle for a catch up in a cafe / coffee  shop for a natter. Afterwards I dropped my Mum off at my sisters and then dropped my car off at home. I then took a walk into town to the Brayford pool area as there was the annual Dragon Boat racing going on. I have blipped the event on a couple of occasions before.
I hung around and watched 3 races this shot is from race 3 and shows one of the boats racing past one that had just capsized The extra was taken as it started to tip over. There was also one that went over in race 2 but I didn't catch that as I was again focusing on another boat. 
More of my shots can be seen on my Blog
I was pleased I went early on as this afternoon We had a very heavy downpour of rain and even a couple of flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. This was just as I was heading out to pick Julie up from her parents. Back home now for a relaxing afternoon and evening which I'm sure will include a couple of beers.

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